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Preserved Natural Trees - Montecito Naturally
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Preserved Natural Trees

Montecito Naturally Preserved Plants are real eucalyptus plants, bushes and trees that have been grown, harvested, and processed in a non-toxic formula to preserve their natural beauty, our special blend of colorations, and the softness of natural leaves.  These preserved plants and bushes are permanently preserved but will look their very best for 10-15 years.

These plants are not fake plants, faux, silk or "dried", artificial plants--they are preserved plants in their natural state.

Montecito Naturally provides multiple sizes of plants and trees (plant arrangements) for home decor or office decor including:

Oasis Mini Arrangements (18" Tall x 24" Wide)

 Tabletop Arrangements (24" Tall x 24" Wide)

Oasis Arrangements (33" Tall x 28" Wide)

Designer Bushes (34" Tall x 36" Wide)

Accent Trees (4' Tall)

Decorator Trees (6' Tall)

Most Popular! Trees (7 1/2' Tall)

Mature Natural Trees (8-10' Tall)


To clean: Just lay the plants down outdoors and wash them with a gentle hose. When completely dry, shake and return indoors. Wash as frequently as desired.

All plants should be kept in temperature controlled environments
and do not fair well in extreme high humidity.  Avoid
direct sun and moisture. 

Perceived imperfections such as curled leaves, spotting or uneven color are consdered normal and natural.


The history of preserving eucalyptus plants and trees dates back decades.  It is the process of taking live eucalyptus plants, eucalyptus bushes, and eucalyptus trees and harvesting and then processing them with dies and glycerin to preserve the eucalyptus plants, bushes and trees to last forever.

The preserved eucalyptus plants and preserved eucalyptus tress can include several leaf types such as willow, silver dollar, and diamond shaped eucalyptus leaves.

Preserved plants and preserved trees have several advantages over their artificial rivals (plastic and silk).  Eucalyptus will repel insects and absorb cigarette smoke. More importantly, preserved eucalyptus plants, bushes, and trees will remain soft to the touch for years and years to come.

When maintaining preserved bushes and preserved trees, preserved eucalyptus once again beats out the competition as you can simply lay down the preserved plant outside and gentley hose off any dust. Once it is compeltely dry you can simply shake off your eucalyptus plant and it will maintain its original form perfectly--making it the perfect interior decor piece--unlike its artificial counterparts of plastic and silk.

Montecito Naturally (originally Montecito Growers) has been preserving eucalyptus plants, bushes and trees and creating beautiful interior decor for decades. These preserved plants are the perfect green decor for every home and office decor. They are not artificial plants but rather real preserved plants, a naturally grown green decor that are decorative plants (colorful green decor) that is perfect for every indoor home decor.

Preserved decorative plants, should never be considered to be artificial plants, fake plants or faux plants. While they compliment any interior home or office decor, it should be remembered that these are not artificial plants or artificial arrangments.  These decorative trees and plants are real plants, trees, and bushes that have been preserved to retain their natural beauty and their original softness.